Weekend Reads: Beanie Babies, Hotel Life, & Improv

This weekend grab one of these books that focuses on American phenomena, living lavishly, and comedy. Intriguing reads with compelling topics that any person can relate to.   In the 1990s a certain toy gripped the attention of American consumers in an unprecedented way. How could palm-sized bears filled with synthetic beans make Americans empty … Read more

Weekend Reads: Improve thyself this Memorial Day Weekend

Since it’s a long holiday weekend, due to Memorial Day on Monday, AZTB has some books to help you kick back, relax and learn a few things along the way. These books offer tips on improving your workplace environment, improving your workplace demeanor, and…well…improving yourself.   You just bought the perfect item. It was just … Read more

Weekend Reads: It's Not Rocket Science, Coined & Reach

How do you define success? Happiness? These books provide insight and ideas on this turbulent world we live in and how to find your personal success.   Game Changers are a new “tribe” of businessperson, says author Mary Spio in her book It’s Not Rocket Science. They “change our world in some way… by altering … Read more

Weekend Reads: The Glass Cage, Glass Jaw & Marketing to Millennials

This week’s edition of Weekend Reads focuses image management, work styles and marketing to the puzzling millennial generation. Snarky commenters on social media, computers taking over our professions, and the most influential generation of consumers ever.   Sometime overnight, your world exploded. Everything was fine when you left work yesterday. But while you were sleeping, some … Read more