Weekend reads: Constructive Wallowing, Norm Chronicles, Supersurvivors

Curl up inside or wherever you’ll be this weekend with a few books to spark your business mind. Here are some of AZ Tech Beat’s suggestions on uplifting reads that can make the gloomy skies seem like a tranquil facade.
Constructive WallowingYou were this close to getting what you wanted. That big raise, the promotion; it was all within your grasp, until everything fell through. But that’s life right? Pick yourself up and try, try again. Learning to deal with “feeling sorry for yourself” may be the right thing to do by reading Tina Gilbertson’s “Constructive Wallowing.” The point, says Gilbertson, is that “how we deal with our feelings has an impact on how quickly we’re able to bounce back from setbacks large and small.” The trick, she says, is not to change your emotions or suppress them, since stuffing them down puts them in an “escalation cycle.” Instead, acknowledge them, allow yourself to feel them, and then let them run their course. Purchase Constructive Wallowing here
NOrm Chronicles bookYou hadn’t seen your old classmate in years. He was never at reunions. He never called you, either, and truth be known, you kind of forgot about him – until his name came up and one afternoon, you spotted his face in the background of a stranger’s online photo. Through a mixture of fact and fiction about a regular Joe called Norm, “The Norm Chronicles” is an informative book that will give you a laugh about life’s ups and downs. Authors Michael Blastland and David Spiegelhalter sprinkle wit all over their chapters and fill them with asides and silly stories that illustrate risk throughout life and in all aspects. Purchase The Norm Chronicles here
Supersurvivors bookIt’s the worst thing that could ever happen to you. The loss of job or a business. The loss of a lifelong dream. The loss of your health or the life of someone you love. Or is it? Studies show that, depending on several factors, hardship may be beneficial and may even strengthen you. Find out how in the new book “Supersurvivors” by David B. Feldman, PhD & Lee Daniel Kravetz. Yes, bad things happen to good people and trauma occurs somewhere daily. “Suffering is real,” the authors emphasize, but so is resiliency. Some individuals, however, don’t just bounce back; they “bounce forward…” Purchase Supersurvivors here
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Contributions from Terri Schlichenmeyer | The Bookworm SEZ, LLC