Weekend reads: Cold cases, dealing w/ difficult people, & INVENT

Summertime is a great time to kick back, pick up a good book and get lost in the pages. This reading selection is a more adventuresome with a blend of CSI-like, inventors and some toxic people. Here are a few suggestions you can flip your fingers through.
Skeleton CrewIn the book “The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths Are Solving America’s Coldest Cases author Deborah Halber discusses a group of novice detectives that solve cold cases that were deemed unsolvable beforehand. Often sneered at by local police (and sometimes totally ignored), the “Skeleton Crew” has single-handedly solved decades-old cold cases, given names to corpses anonymously buried, and offered closure to families of people who vanished generations ago.
If you tend to get a little queasy, this isn’t the book for you. It’s graphic and gruesome, but oh-so-fascinating and hard to put down. When it comes to your “books to read” pile, in fact, “The Skeleton Crew” is one that shouldn’t be missing.
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Powerful Phrases for Dealing...We choose our friends based on common interests and similar personality traits, but we don’t always have a say in the interactions we encounter with others. Whether it is at work or at a public outing, there are individuals that may irk us in some way or the other. Author Renée Evenson outlines tips and tricks to dealing with the difficult people who you may encounter in “Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People.” Tips like proper body language and thinking before speaking can lead to a harmonized workplace. Purchase the book here

Idea to InventionDo you have an idea for a product or service but have no idea where to begin in the creation process? “Idea to Invention” by Patricia Nolan-Brown, maps out how ordinary individuals can become successful inventors without being highly educated, wealthy, or super talented. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but how does one become an inventor?

Nolan-Brown says to cultivate an “I.N.V.E.N.T.” personality. Maintain a childlike Inquisitiveness. Be curious and observant. Practice your Nerve to stay the course and ignore naysayers. Use your Voice to display your passion. Keep your Energy level high by taking care of you. Feed your dreams the proper Nourishment by surrounding yourself with “cheerleaders.” And stick with it.Tenacity is the key. Purchase the book here

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Contributions from Terri Schlichenmeyer | The Bookworm SEZ, LLC