Weekend Reads: It's Not Rocket Science, Coined & Reach

How do you define success? Happiness? These books provide insight and ideas on this turbulent world we live in and how to find your personal success.
It's Not Rocket Science book coverGame Changers are a new “tribe” of businessperson, says author Mary Spio in her book It’s Not Rocket Science. They “change our world in some way… by altering the way we think…work or the way we live.” Not only do Game Changers ignore the rules, but they ignore conventional, old school advice, too. A big imagination is at the top of the list of Game Changer attributes. Imagination leads to inquisitiveness, creativity and ideas, and Spio states that, “curiosity drives action.” Above all, they leave a “mark on the world.” The math is simple: idea + passion + desire for change = success. Having big dreams isn’t so scary after all. Purchase It’s Not Rocket Science here.
Coined book coverDo you ever have enough money? The answer to that is probably no. “We are all after the same thing,” says author Kabir Sehgal, whether that’s dollars, yen, pesos, rupees, shillings, or Euros. What we do with it is another matter because money means a variety of things in different cultures and circumstances. In his book Coined Sehgal says at its basic level, money “stimulates the brain,” but we also crave it for evolutionary reasons: humans need exchange in order to survive, and money facilitates that. Ultimately, if you’re looking strictly for a finance-and-economics book, you’d be better served looking elsewhere, but if you want a fresh, different look at the green stuff in your pocket, Coined is a nice surprise. Purchase the book here.
Reach book coverIn the new book Reach edited by Ben Jealous and Trabian Shorters, foreword by Russell Simmons, 40 black men discuss living, leading, and succeeding in a world that may seem harsh at times. When D’Wayne Edwards was sixteen, he lost his beloved older brother. That, says Edwards, “really encouraged me to pay attention to my gift” of drawing and design. Realize your “true potential,” Edwards advises. Actor Louis Gossett Jr. says, “learn that you can play Superman.” This book is a good source for inspiration from individuals who have been there, done that. Purchase Reach here.
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Contributions by Terri Schlichenmeyer