Startup Weekend Chandler begins July 18

Startup Weekend, an event where entrepreneurs are challenged to create a business model over a few days (and long nights), will be hosted by local coworking space Gangplank in Chandler starting on July 18.
If you haven’t been a part of one, it goes like this: experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, etc. are invited to come on Friday evening and pitch their idea. The best ideas will bubble to the top and teams will form around this idea. From here, it’s 48 hours to build a viable product-a product that could possibly be the beginning of a company.
“Startups are an important part of our economic development ecosystem,” said Trish Gillam, Executive Director of Gangplank. “In order for the Phoenix area to thrive, we need to support entrepreneurs. Startup Weekend gives entrepreneurs the chance to learn the basics of business in a weekend.
At past events, organizers, mentors and entrepreneurs have seen a range of ideas. “They can be web-based or brick and mortar,” Gillam said. “It really is across the spectrum.”
Gillam also said that successful ventures that have come out of the Startup Weekend program. For example, the cofounders of Hiring Solved met at the event and went on to create the local tech company.
In the end, on Sunday evening, the teams will demo their final prototypes and receive feedback from a panel of experts. Find out who will win this Startup Weekend Chandler by showing up or read about it Monday at AZTB.
Sign up for Startup Weekend Chandler here.
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