Google and Maker Media offer free summer online science camp for kids

Rockets, virtual space visits and experimenting with paper circuits are just a few of the many activities that teens are able to explore though this summer’s Maker Camp, a free online camp that encourages the exploration of the tinkering tech world.
Google+ and Maker Media, a global platform for DIY tech builders,launched the third edition of the camp on July 7 for teens 13 and older. But don’t worry if you missed the date; there is a different activity to take part in every day of the 6-week program, which ends on August 15. Teens can sign up for as many or as little activities as possible–making the personalization of the camp both convenient and fun.
“The virtual nature of Maker Camp provides an opportunity to make the experience of summer camp available to anyone, anytime, regardless of where they live,” said Dale Dougherty, CEO and founder of Make: magazine and Maker Media. “The Maker Camp Affiliate Program expands this notion and enables kids to get together and experience Maker Camp with their peers in a relevant physical setting in their community.”
More than 2 million young makers around the world have built robots with NASA, found their inner artist with Pixar, launched space balloons with Google[x], and even traveled to the White House.
The schedule is laid out so that each weekday, starting at 11 a.m.,  there is a different activity. Daily activities are posted on Google+ and weekly field trips are conducted via Hangouts. For example, on the first scheduled field trip for July 11, campers can join in with the explorers from Google Street View Treks to learn about their goal of creating the most accurate map of Earth.
To join, teens simply need to create a Google+ profile and follow MAKE on G+. However, if some don’t have access to the internet or prefer to get together with others in the community, there are several locations for them to meet up around the Valley.
To find a location near you, check out the affiliate map.
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