Ex-PetSmart executive acquires and becomes CEO of Phoenix's CyberMark International

A longtime PetSmart executive has recently acquired and is now acting CEO of Phoenix-based CyberMark. CyberMark is a full-service Internet marketing agency that works with small to midsize businesses in search engine optimization, website development, video production, pay-per-click advertising, reputation management and social media marketing.
CyberMarkJohn Alpaugh, former senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Phoenix-based PetSmart Inc., became CyberMark’s second CEO in June after purchasing the company for an undisclosed price.
“There are so many small-to-medium sized businesses on the market today who have a real need for an ethical and honest marketing partner. Our founder, Kimberly, built CyberMark around this idea and that’s why I bought the company,” expressed Alpaugh. “Now that I am personally meeting and working with these companies and seeing both their opportunities and challenges for myself, I feel more strongly than ever about our mission to help provide them with cost-effective marketing solutions. Online marketing is not just for those with large budgets. With the right strategy and partner, any small-to-medium business can grow their business effectively.”
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