AZ Tech Podcast Episode 9: Romi Dhillon, CEO & Co-Founder, Sonoran Founders Fund

Ruminder (Romi) Dhillon believes in Arizona’s potential to produce startups that can deliver what he calls “Bay-area results.” In fact, that belief is the foundation of Romi’s mission at Sonoran Founders Fund. As co-founder and CEO of Sonoran Founders Fund, Romi is responsible for not only finding the next big venture, but also constantly evangelizing … Read more

AZ Tech Podcast Episode 8: Brad Thomas, Co-Founder, Evercast

Brad Thomas’s company Evercast, which sells a media software that allows creative professionals to collaborate from anywhere, grew more than 10x during the pandemic. But he hasn’t always seen such success. He has a picture on the home screen of his phone that helps him never forget where he’s come from. It’s a photo of … Read more