JT Marino talks Tuft & Needle, the merger and his hobbies in latest AZ Tech Podcast

Tuft & Needle co-founder JT Marino could be the poster child of how to bootstrap your way to success. When he was first exploring ideas for the type of startup he wanted to build, he and his friend and co-founder Daehee Park made a very specific set of constraints that included never raising capital.

The two decided to design a way to make buying a mattress as painless as possible. They knew nothing about mattresses, but JT did everything he could to transform what was once a miserable experience into something as easy as shopping on Amazon.

From there, they completely disrupted the entire mattress industry and built a company that now is seeing revenue of half a billion dollars.

Listen as JT tells Hamid the wild story of building Tuft & Needle from scratch and his recent dive into skydiving and psychedelics.

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