Elio Motor's 3-wheeled car to roll out 2015, iPad Mini and all – video

Video contribution by Travis Arbon
We meet again with Elio Motors CEO Paul Elio at ShowStoppers CES 2015 with an update on the 3-wheeled car. The Elio car is an American-made $6,800 two-seater eco-friendly car that was specifically designed for those who have a long commute and couldn’t afford a car. While the basic features of the car remain the same such as, power windows, air conditioning, multiple air bags, 8-gallon tank, anti-lock brakes, anticipated a 5-star safety rating, uses unleaded gas, front wheel drive, 0-60 speed in under 9.6 seconds and auto transmission, the new add-on is an iPad Mini integrated into the car to create an internet connected vehicle. Through the iPad, the driver has the ability to activate climate control, remotely start or lock your car, remotely look at the front and rear camera and more. The iPad integration will be an upcharge option.
Elio said that they currently have 38,000 reservations right now and the car is projected to hit the streets in late 2015. Elio’s headquarters remain in Phoenix and the car will be on display at Barrett Jackson 2015.
Watch my exclusive interview with Paul Elio with a demo of the iPad integration, new interior design inspired by his father and the ability to create, buy and get your car within a day or two depending on where you live. Yes, the car shown is safety orange.


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  1. I’m very supportive of Elio and I have been $1000 all in for a long time now. I want to at least have the car before we keep talking about all this new stuff. ipad integration is all well and good but we all want the car right now.

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