O2 wearables want you to inhale…exhale – video

Video contribution by Travis Arbon
“Never underestimate the power of the breath,” Stig Severinsen says. Severinsen, better known as “the man who doesn’t breathe” is a four-time World Champion freediver and holder of multiple Guinness World Records for holding his breath for 22 minutes. He was on site at CES 2015 touting the latest technology from Masimo, the MightySat, a fingertip pulse oximeter for personal monitoring of your O2, even under extreme conditions. The compact, battery-powered device helps identify lung and heart efficiency through four measurements, oxygen saturation of arterial blood, Perfusion Index (arterial pulse signal strength) Pleth Variability Index (a measure of the dynamic changes in PI that occur during the respiratory cycle) and pulse rate measurements. Mosimo touts accuracy with its device because it uses their Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ pulse oximetry which you will find in the leading hospitals.
stig severensin
All data can be synced to ones’ smartphone via Mosimo app (iOS and Android) and the product ranges from $149-399 depending on model.
Watch Stig demo the device in front of the tank he submerged himself in later that morning.


iHealth Labs returned to CES and was out in force showing off their extended line of home healthcare monitoring devices. For fitness devices their Wireless Pulse Oximeter can also help people check their oxygen saturation and pulse rate on-the-go through their iHealth Myvitals app. This device provides a 70-99% accuracy, +/-2 for SpO2 and +/-2bpm accuracy for pulse rate between 30-250bpm. The cost is a bit lighter than the Masimo at $69.95.

Courtesy of iHealth Labs
Courtesy of iHealth Labs

Withings also returned with their line of wearables and new tracking watches, but for the individual who too wants to stay within the Withings brand, they continue to offer their Pulse Ox measuring your blood O2 and heart rate as well as steps, elevation, distance and calories for $119.
Courtesy of Withings
Courtesy of Withings

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