3D print in maple wood, bronze, carbon fiber or chocolate – CES2015

Why print in plastic when I can print in wood, metal or chocolate. At CES, filaments for 3D printing were a focus for the maker companies as well as inspiring all generations to get creative and make everything from tools and decorations to clothes and food.
MakerBot and 3D Systems threw down with their massive booths, showcasing the weird to functional creations the average consumer can make from their marketplace. Earlier in 2014, 3D Systems announced their partnership with Hershey to print dark, milk or white chocolate in their CocoJet printer. This decadent-making machine is able to print 4-5 custom bite-sized chocolates in an hour, and, it is now possible to print your face in chocolate – best Valentines Day present ever. Keeping with the dessert theme, 3D Systems also had the ChefJet Pro, a professional grade printer that can create large (8x8x8), full-color desserts in sugar, frosting and candy with one single flavor, on-hand to tempt your sweet tooth.

Coming in late 2015, MakerBot announced they will release their new expanded line of PLA  filaments made with composites of real metal, stone and wood-the price is TBD. Consumers will soon be able to make tools, home decor, educational models and more on-demand with these new filament options.

Think of the next race car needing a replacement part and the ability to print one on-demand. MarkForged 3D introduced the world’s first 3D carbon fiber printer designed to print composite materials such as Kevlar, fiberglass, nylon and carbon fiber. The printer has a capacity of 12.6″x5.2″x6.3″ with a FFF printing at 100 microns and CFF printing at 200 microns. However, it’s not cheap at $5,500 and the SDK is $8,800 (but you get some filament with it).

Courtesy of MarkForged 3D
Courtesy of MarkForged 3D

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