Wrist Revolution: Smartwatches Steals the Limelight

Fitness wearables weren’t the only hyped-about gadgets of 2014. This year at CES, smartwatches were also in the spotlight. With more functionality and integration to our lives, smartwatches are soon to be the must have item in our technology drawers.
Here’s some of the smartwatches featured at this year’s new TechZone called WristRevolution.
Burg Watches
burg watches 1
Considered to be one of the more stylish smart watches featured at CES, Burg is a traditional watchmaker that has ventured into the smart watch realm. This Netherlands-based company released a total of seven watches in its Burg line. Each of the smart watches have different features and designs. Burg smart watches is a phone by itself, the Burg Amsterdam model runs on Android 4.0, has a 1.5-inch screen microSD slot, GPS, 2MP camera and can be used to read messages, make phone calls.
Prices start at $149. For more information, click here.
Filip targets a different kind of audience. It is a cute smart watch for kids. Parents can select specific numbers for the Filip to store and kids will only be able to call and text the stored numbers.  There is also a “kid locator” on the smart watch so that parents can use the GPS feature to locate their kid if they get lost in the crowd.
Priced at $199, plus a $10 monthly charge on AT&T. For more information, click here.
Neptune Pine Smart Watch
We named it the most obnoxious smart watch we have ever seen. The Neptune Pine smart watch is easily if not the largest smart watch out there. With a 2.4in screen, it does not pair with your phone through Bluetooth because it is a phone by itself. Running on Android 4.1, the Neptune Pine smart watch features a keyboard that lets you send emails and messages, and there is also a VGA front and a 5-megapixel back camera. The screen is detachable from the watchstrap allowing you to have a mini smartphone instead of an oversized watch.
Neptune Pine is available for pre-order for $335 with an expected delivery of March 2014.
For more information, click here.

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  1. I glued my Google Nexus 7 to my wrist. Stylish and convenient but sadly didn’t survive that month’s shower.

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