CEO Paul Elio showcases his 3-wheeled car for $6,800 – interview – video

CEO Paul Elio showcased his new three-wheeled, eco, two-seater car at CES ShowStoppers as well as Barrett Jackson. The Elio car is an ultra-high-mileage vehicle and can attain an 84 highway mileage rating while providing the comfort of a regular vehicle. At ShowStoppers, Elio gave me a quick tour of the car and shared his story about why he built the car and passion for helping people get to work without causing a financial strain on the household. The car is set to launch in first quarter of 2015 and you can reserve one for as little as $100!
Now about the car, some of the features include:
Power windows, air conditioning, multiple air bags, 8-gallon tank, anti-lock brakes, anticipated a 5-star safety rating, uses unleaded gas, front wheel drive, 0-60 speed in under 9.6 seconds, auto transmission, and more.

Photo by Tishin Donkersley

If you don’t know about Paul Elio…
He is a Phoenix resident and single dad of three boys. He graduated from General Motors Institute and the Engineering and Management Institute (now Kettering University) in Flint, MI, Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He began his career at Johnson Controls, the global diversified technology and industrial leader, where he developed business software and training courses for degreed engineers. He left Johnson Controls to start engineering company ESG Engineering as a founding partner. Under Elio’s guidance, ESG was issued several patents and became known for quickly moving ideas from concept to reality. In 2008, Elio led the ESG Engineering team in the development of a three- wheeled, ultra high mileage, safe, ultra low price vehicle. The project led to the creation of Elio Motors within ESG Engineering.
Learn more about Elio Motors here. 
Photos provided by Elio Motors

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  1. Interesting vehicle. Wish you had asked about safety. It seems pretty vulnerable to side impact crashes, especially for the rear seated passenger who it seems will have a terrible time opening the door to escape.
    And Paul if you are reading this….
    Boeing makes helicopters here. MD makes helicopters here. Apple is opening a manufacturing facility in Phoenix and Intel has a plant just sitting there doing nothing that they’d probably love to sell you cheap!!!!

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