Startup Contatta debuts at ShowStoppers CES2014

Guestimate how many emails you receive per day. 100, 200, maybe more? Now take that number and times that by five work days, then by four weeks, how many emails is that now? Sickening.
One local startup aims to fix this broken record of email hell, get us organized and build a relationship with our inbox. Contatta, co-founded by Pat Sullivan of ACT! and SalesLogix and Adam Ross, is focused on helping us become more efficient during our workday and take our email to a collaborative state. With the average worker spending over 30 percent of their week on email, maybe more for you, I’m all ears on how to decrease this statistic.
“Built on our Collaboration Platform, Contatta’s collaborative email is the future of work,” Sullivan said.
Since their launch in October 2013, Contatta has been out there raising money ($3.25M), winning grants ($250K) and are full steam ahead with customer acquisition.
Sullivan explains why Contatta was created, “Contatta was born out of my frustration with email. I believe we have built a product every business person will love. You have to see Contatta to fully appreciate what a breakthrough it is. There is nothing like it. It is by far the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Contatta does more than manage your email, think of it as a combination of your business email, with shared contacts, tasks, files and collaborative workrooms to reduce time spent managing the inbox. Contatta’s inbox is automatically sorted and prioritized based on relationships, giving users control over what’s important and what can wait. Shared tasks, contacts and files improve communication, keeping teams in sync. Collaborative workrooms create a shared space for ongoing discussions and conversations. The end result is teams are more efficient and effective, spending less time working individually and more time collaborating.
At ShowStoppers, Contatta was one of two Arizona companies that spent the evening showcasing and demoing their product to a constant stream of top tech writers and analysts. I asked Sullivan what he thought of the event.

Brenda Christensen, Pat Sullivan, Francine Hardaway

“ShowStoppers at CES was a great venue for Contatta to debut the first collaborative email,” said Sullivan.
If you want to get in on the free trial, Contatta has opened a reservation system for those looking to get in early. The first 10,000 business teams to sign up receive Contatta free for 60 days instead of the normal two-week trial. Interested teams can reserve their spot here.
To read more coverage on Contatta at AZTB.

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