Hand-held 3D printing pen brings out the creative kid in you – set to retail in 2014

Forget spending thousands of dollars to get started with 3D printing, the 3Doodler, by WobbleWorks, is the world’s first 3D drawing pen that allows you to create amazing objects without the need for software.
The co-founder and CEO of WobbleWorks Max Bogue said, “We wanted to create something that didn’t require technical knowledge or expensive hardware.”
From kids and hobbyists to artists and designers, this pen is going to be a ton of fun. It’s easy to use, and for anyone who has worked with a glue gun, it’s a snap to pick up the technique.
At ShowStoppers at CES 2014 the company launched new accessories for the pen including: a pen storage holder, changeable nozzles, allowing users to extrude plastic in different shapes and sizes-as well as DoodleBlocks-various shapes of silicon molds that can be easily “filled in” with ABS or PLA plastic. Also, stencils are now available on the website.
3doodlertdThey also announced new partnerships with Brookstone and online retailers ThinkGeek, the MoMA Store and Maker Shed. The pen runs $99 and the packets of filament run $9.99 and will be available in March 2014.
Learn more about the 3Doodler here.