Startup RosterRecharge encourages accountability for athletes with new team management software

Two-a-day practices and loads of homework are just a few of the responsibilities of a student-athlete’s life that they have to balance in order to be successful. Up until now, there has not been a program or methodology that brings together accountability from all corners of a sports team. RosterRecharge, a new management software, offers programs and tools for sports teams of all levels to achieve next-level success. Succeeding in school should be as equally important as winning on the court, and this software helps to bridge that gap for student-athletes and their coaches.
The team over at RosterRecharge developed a website service that encourages and strengthens the relationships between athletes and their coaches and parents; strengthening occurs at the internal and external level, with weekly reports being the most important aspect of the RosterRecharge program.

SeedSpot Demo Day
SeedSpot Demo Day

RosterRecharge utilizes 21 tools to help bring sports teams to the next level. The most important tool is the Goal Progression Log, a goal management system that forces athletes to submit weekly reports that can be viewed by coaches, parents, teammates, fans, and other accountability partners. Through this software, coaches are now more involved in the process of nurturing their student-athletes to success.
Another intriguing tool is the Virtual Awards Generator. This tool is a way for coaches to award their athletes for specific achievements on a virtual platform. Founder Samuel Shammah says the  Generator gives, “incentives for success on weekly goals.” The 2’Cents Board is an interesting tool that assigns a day or week for a specific player or coach to post a message for their teammates and coaches to view. Messages like inspirational quotes or personal team mottos can foster a harmonized sports team through an electronic platform.
The RosterRecharge program does not stop when the athlete goes home; there is an ‘Individual Level’ aspect of the software that allows parents to follow along with their children and work together to be accountable not only to the team, but to each other as well. Parents have the option to set fitness and health goals alongside their children. According to the representatives from the company, no other team management software encompasses all aspects of a student-athlete’s life (school, home, extracurricular activities).
The curriculum of the program encompass a H20S, Habits= 20 assignments= Success and separated into five sections; tasks, non-productive, self-evaluations, weekly questions, and monthly questions. Then, each component in the five sections are color coordinated based on academic excellence, athletic improvement, champion mindset, and forever-starts-today.
So far, RosterRecharge has reached out to high schools, recreational sports teams, and club teams at all levels and all sports to use their service. RosterRecharge expects 2014 to be a big year as clients begin to utilize their software. One football team at Mountain Pointe High School led by Coach Norris Vaughan has utilized the program. Founder Shammah says, “Coach Vaughan was a supporter ever since 2011 during our Alpha stage, when the product was not as nearly as developed and polished as it is now. He helped me work out some tweaks, and even had a couple of his athletes try it out before it was ready.”
RosterRecharge is still in its infancy, but shows promise because the service that they offer is unique to the accountability factor within sports teams and brings about unity between student-athletes, coaches, and parents.