CAM EASY takes the win at Startup Weekend Chandler – slideshow – video

Nine startups competed to become the winner of Startup Weekend Chandler. Startup Weekend is an entrepreneurial event where anyone can come and pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from peers. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour whirlwind of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekend culminates with a five-minute presentation in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with helpful feedback.
The grand prize at stake was three months of free office space at incubator Desarrollo, one-on-one office hours with Amazon web engineers and Gangplank swag. In the end Cam Easy, a B2B SaaS-based software program designed to replace outdated CAM software and spreadsheets used by property management firms in order to streamlines, simplify and update the current tenant/property manager accounting reports, took home the win, and For Us won crowd favorite. Cam Easy has seen Startup Weekend before as they competed at the Tempe event a few months ago. Watch their reaction below or at AZTechBeatTV.
The CAM EASY team included:
Russ Carpenter – visionary, marketing strategist
Jake Slatnick – visionary tech entrepreneur, UX/UI designer
Don Fitzsimmons – software engineer
Justin Salamon – designer
Anthony Snowell – software engineer
At the last startup weekend Tempe, Russ told me that they pitched the idea-admittedly it wasn’t good-but Jake saw a good biz model, a need for this market and teamed up. They tied for third at Tempe and came back for the win at Chandler.
With any startup, they did have their share of pain points during the weekend. Russ shared, “It was a painful organic process.” He also shared that during the weekend they lost team members, had disagreements on technology approach, and he wasn’t sure if anyone would show up Sunday to complete the project. After some pep talks, the team came together for a win at Chandler.

The following startups also pitched:
Campus to Compass – an online recruiting tool to help American college students find employment around the world.
Audissey – a subscription-based online custom market place for audiobook enthusiasts
To Learn is Human – an educational mobile video game to help improve test scores and change the culture about learning
Local dish – an online and mobile application meal planning platform inspired by notable local restaurants
Wiblits – free mobile and online one minute, multi-player, social games
ZombiePlank – a mobile augmented reality and geolocation app to fight off zombies
RadiUp – medical imaging scoring system that creates a “pay relative to performance model” for insurance companies
For US – online platform to help local candidates build a custom, full-featured web, social media and donation site for their campaigns
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