Gadgets for the Guru

The Earshots™ from kubxlab™ are portable speakers designed for mobile devices. Measuring only 35mm in height by 33mm in width and weighing 40 grams, the Earshots offer high-quality stereo sound in the palm of your hand. The speakers are made with aluminum and are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm jack, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. The Earshots run on rechargeable lithium ion batteries and can play for up to five hours on a full charge. $49.99
Ubooly is a stuffed animal for children, which connects with parents’ smartphones. After downloading the Ubooly app to their iPhone, iPod or Android phone, parents can then customize their child’s Ubooly with the child’s name, birthday and interests and educational games and lessons. Lessons range from basic math and counting to learning a foreign language. After inserting the device inside an Ubooly, it recognizes commands such as “Go on an adventure”, “Tell me a story”, “Play music” and “Play a game.” When the AZTB review team first saw this, it looked and felt really awkward, but for the kids it would be easy to hold, but we predict it would be dropped at some point. After we played with it, we determined that it’s important to place the phone just in the right spot or it won’t look right and it would be hard to hear. It does keep the parent’s phone padded when the child drops it. $29.95

The Wallet TrackR is a thin device that slips inside a wallet. The device then wireless connects to a user’s iPhone or Andriod smartphone via the TrackR app. The app monitors the location of the wallet and users can set a 2-way separation alert that prevents them from leaving their wallet or phone behind. The Wallet TrackR is no thicker than 2 to 3 credit cards and can run for up to two years before users need to replace the batteries. The Wallet TrackR has a range of 100 and users can press a button on the app to sound an alarm to easily locate their wallet. The AZTB team did like the thinness of the product and another application we found would be for small clutch purses. $29.95

Beartek Gloves are innovative gloves that allow remote access and control of the user’s devices. Connected via Bluetooth and wireless technologies, Beartek classic, snow and motorcycle gloves allow users to use their iOS smartphones and GoPro devices without physically touching them. Users can control devices with Beartek gloves by simply touching the silver pad on the thumb to the six touch points along the first three fingers, depending on the desired function. The gloves have an 80-hour battery life on a full charge. $95-$145 You need to watch the video to see how BearTek Gloves work, CLICK HERE! The AZTB team hopes to review these live real soon.