Startup EquiSight jockey cam puts fans in the saddle

With a love of horse racing, the founders of EquiSight turned a student project into a revolutionary way to enhance a spectator’s experience by putting them in the saddle with their Ride to Race® technology.
Their vision to develop a virtual presence video solution for live sports, entertainment, and consumers is now a reality. They combined the use of embedded helmet camera technology, fixed cameras, and proprietary transmission service to heighten sports-viewing experience across all forms of media, including smartphone applications, video game consoles, tablets and hybrid TVs.
Since 2011, EquiSight has produced over 100 HD Jockey Cam Videos (featured on ESPN and Breeders’ Cup World Championship), has two patents pending through the Unites States Patent & Trademark Office and was granted trademark registration, and recently graduated from the Arizona Center for Innovation, Mentored Launch Program.
Kenleigh Hobby, founder of EquiSight, spoke with me about how this product and technology was developed, as well as their experience at Startup Tucson.
The technology behind EquiSight is amazing! How did you come up with it?
EquiSight began in 2011 as a student capstone project at the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program. We dealt with the pressing issue of the antiquated video technology and the lackluster viewing experience for all spectators, as if we are still stuck in the Binocular Era. The mission of EquiSight is to revolutionize horse racing and training industries through the use of advanced technologies and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century. We aim to provide a single, unifying technology platform to rid the industry of its lackluster viewing figures and antiquated feel.
When did you initially notice a need for this type of technology?
Horse racing is a mainstream sport with a long and illustrious history. Other mainstream sports, such as football, basketball, and baseball, are embracing technology to offer a more appealing and entertaining format for their audiences, the very same audiences that bring in billions of dollars in revenue each year for the sports. In comparison, the sport of horse racing appears to be slow to develop with very little technological advancements being made to increase viewership figures or maximize the sports entertainment value.
How do you plan to successfully thrive in the ecosystem?
To be a game changer, EquiSight has a vision of revolutionizing the entire sport of horse racing. Viewers will be able to Ride the Race from multiple perspectives simultaneously at speeds of 40 mph with just the click of a button on their computer, mobile device, or tablet. It will be the equivalent, if not better, of seeing the race through the jockeys’ goggles. The goal of this service is to positively impact the behavior of its users and create a long lasting sustainable interest in the youthful tech savvy generation.
What was the experience like at Startup Tucson?
Anytime you get a chance to present your company/idea in front of an audience you never know the possibilities. Even though Tucson isn’t the mecca of horse racing, you never know who might come out for the woodwork looking to help you.
To learn more about EquiSight, click here.
Watch footage of this amazing technology here!

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