SocialWhirled new features help amplify multi-platform campaigns

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SocialWhirled, an enterprise digital publishing software company, has been making strides with the release of their upgraded platform designed to enhance a company’s ability to shape campaigns that run simultaneously on social, mobile, and digital sites, while gathering interest and attribute data on buyers.
AZTB first spoke to SocialWhirled founder Andy Lombard when they came out of stealth mode to introduce its social media promotional platform to a wider consumer base. We caught up again with him about some of the major updates, including their technology that will help target specific audiences.
What types of features can we look forward to with SocialWhirled?
The new platform offers a variety of pages to enable users to easily create, edit and customize campaigns. The new features specifically include support for more than one campaign on a single timeline Facebook page and various new features to allow brands to be more responsive and precise in customer targeting.
What types of methods will be used to reach out to buyers and clients?
The new “Multiple Coupon/Offer” feature demonstrates this enhanced level of customization by allowing brands to award dynamic coupons and offers that adapt to unique referral codes. The accelerated campaign cycles let users move faster and launch more campaigns with greater precision.
What type of behavioral data will be collected?
The SocialWhirled tools are designed to provide a full complement of data capture, including all relevant behavioral data from first contact through purchase and beyond. For instance, one campaign used tracking codes placed discreetly in ads to reveal where the lead originated, which pages they viewed and for how long, which forms they completed and what kind of purchase they made. A survey collected more product preference data, helping the customer tailor their campaigns for maximum performance.
How will you reach out to buyers?
Campaign performance is measured regarding viral impact, conversion rates, keyword performance and engagement; easy editing allow brands to modify campaigns on the fly, to ensure they are reaching the right buyer with the right message, at the right time. The platform also enables marketing teams to moderate and aggregate online discussions across multiple platforms, utilizing social and behavioral data to further connect the right campaigns with receptive audiences.
Read more about SocialWhirled here and stay tuned to AZTB!