Michael Wolf Appointed CEO of Pinnacle Cart

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Pinnacle Cart, Inc. announced the appointment of Michael Wolf to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Pinnacle Cart, Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, is an eCommerce software leader that helps small-to-enterprise businesses design, develop and manage their webstores and facilitate growth. Some of their enterprise customers include HBO, CBS Sports, Corona, Discovery Channel and Pawn Stars.
Wolf will oversee the daily operations at Pinnacle Cart with goals to “…increase their share of small and medium eCommerce businesses, grow new clients at the enterprise level and help customers become enterprise level online businesses,” he states.
MikeWolf HeadshotWolf brings over 25 years in the computer software industry and 13 years in the executive chair. He was a co-founder of VIASOFT who helped drive the company from startup to IPO, President and CEO of Vitrix, Inc., and for over 15 years served as general partner at Lobodos Ventures.
“I’m excited to be joining the leader of eCommerce store solutions for SMBs. Having been involved with Pinnacle Cart’s team for over a year, it’s refreshing to see the company’s commitment to making entrepreneurs and small businesses successful online,” Wolf said.
Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer Michael Auger commented on the appointment, “I cannot have asked for a more talented and perfect fit for our company. As a mentor over the last year, he’s helped me recognize where we need to drive our product vision. I look forward to focusing 100 percent of my time to build that vision and focus on our company partnerships.”
Wolf recently hosted a panel discussion at the Arizona Innovation Summit on “Investing in your community” with entrepreneurs and angel investors Tom Blondi , Bill Miller, and Rick Gibson. This discussion focused on helping startups and entrepreneurs in the audience understand the role of an Angel investor, what they do, and why they’re important. Wolf paralleled the relationship between an entrepreneur and an Angel with the hunting metaphor of figuring out the habits and habitats of Angels and then proceeding to “hunt one down.” Other points focused on how to think like an Angel when pitching, the importance of the first 60-90 seconds of a presentation in order to get someone’s attention, being committed to your message, and using your network to keep your business running. Read more entrepreneurial advice from the Innovation Summit here.
Learn more about Pinnacle Cart here.

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