Parchment Teams up With Ellucian to Enable Touch-Free Automation and Expand Integration Options

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The Scottsdale-based electronic transcript exchange platform Parchment recently announced their partnership with Virginia-based Ellucian, a provider of educational electronic solutions. The partnership will allow touch-free automation between the Parchment Send service of Parchment Exchange and Ellucian’s ERP platforms, including Banner, Colleague and PowerCampus.
“Ellucian and Parchment already serve more than 200 shared higher education clients. This formalization of our relationship streamlines the process for members who want to use utilize the Ellucian eTranscript interface,” said Louis Delzompo, CTO, Parchment. “Registrars need a platform that will leverage the workflows they have invested in. Using the new Ellucian standard web-based API, institutions can take an order, create a secure PDF and deliver an eTranscript — all within minutes, and with just a click of a mouse.”

Matthew Pittinsky
Matthew Pittinsky, CEO, Parchment

Matthew Pittinsky, CEO of Parchment, added, “Like companies, universities have invested in ‘ERP’ systems that help them run their operations. Ellucian is a very large provider of Student Information Systems and a key partner to have in terms of integrating for transcript data extraction and automating workflows. This is a major validator for Parchment and something that will significantly improve the experience of our Members.”
According to Parchment’s press release, “The Ellucian – Parchment integration will leverage Ellucian eTranscript, first announced on April 4, support the PESC standard, and enable real-time electronic authentication, production and transfer of transcripts between Parchment Exchange and Ellucian’s administration systems.”
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