Co-Founder Chemistry

You might have heard about speed dating and online matching services to find “the one,” but how about finding your co-founder through the same methodology? CoFoundersLab, an entrepreneur matching service that helps founders find co-founders through online matching or in-person meetups, officially launched in Phoenix on July 16, 2013, hosted by SeedSpot.
“Meeting people online has been going on for years, like or LinkedIn, but with our co-founder Meetups, it helps determine if there is chemistry between two founders,” said Chris Ronzio, Phoenix Ambassador for CoFoundersLab.
As an entrepreneur himself, Ronzio discussed the key factor that can make or break a business and how CoFoundersLab can facilitate success, “…a common thread for a successful business is a dedicated and diverse team. A co-founder is an integral part of the start of the business…and CoFoundersLab can facilitate those connections [online and] at Meetups.
CoFoundersLab’s philosophy is “strong team = strong foundation = better chance of success.” This mindset is backed by their team-building platform, which ensures that co-founders have complimentary skills, compatible personalities, goals and values, and a bond to build a long-lasting company together.
To kick off the launch, Ronzio asked each attendee to indicate, through various colored dots on their name tag, if they were seeking a partner or certain skill set for their company. In the ice-breaker exercise called the “dating mixer,” two different groups were formed and each attendee briefly explained their business or skill and shared what they were looking for in a co-founder. From there the matching began.
The attendee reactions to Meetup and CoFoundersLab were optimistic.
One entrepreneur, Delvin Butler, who is the process of developing a car theft prevention device, came to find a software and hardware engineer to help him develop his product; within minutes he found his match. “The experience of other people and connections being made is great. I came to find a software company to help me with my project…and I found one within 15 minutes!”
“This is pretty neat and the cross-pollination of networking is fantastic, said Enrico Dargenzio, an entrepreneur in construction technology looking for a hardware engineer to help build his product.
“I’m excited to hear people with so many ideas. This event brings people together and they know they are not alone in the [startup] process,” said Isha Cogborn, author and startup life coach.
cofounder3CofoundersLab Phoenix will have quarterly Phoenix meetups. You can get started and find your co-founder by creating your free online co-founder profile.
Ronzio said, “I’m excited to have CoFoundersLab in Phoenix. For entrepreneurs, there is no better time to be in the Valley.”
Learn more about CoFoundersLab here.