Omedix Provides Healthcare Professionals and Patients with Custom Websites and Online Services

Going to the doctor can be a stressful and time-consuming experience. Patients often have difficulty making appointments, learning about their health concerns, and paying for appointments and medications. Omedix helps with a lot of these common issues by providing healthcare organizations with solutions to enhance patient satisfaction, office efficiency, and quality of care. They state that it is not always easy to engage patients, but that they strive to create an outstanding patient experience for healthcare organizations “starting from the moment a patient seeks out a new provider, continuing through the patient intake process, and onward to the ongoing doctor-patient relationship.” Some of Omedix’s services include:

  • Patient Portal Software – Omedix Patient Portal automates many routine tasks so that doctors can focus on caring for their patients rather than on forms and payments. Patients can view their electronic health records, fill out online patient forms, and pay bills online. They also have an online helpdesk that shifts patient communication from the phone to online, a new patient sign up, EHR/PM integration, and support in Spanish and other languages.
  • Medical Website Design – Omedix also creates professional websites for doctors and healthcare professionals. They specialize in medical website design, hosting, and implementation that help doctors find new patients while also better engaging existing patients. Some of their resources include attracting new patients through online marketing, presenting a guide for new and existing patients so that they can find key resources, and also providing a high quality website that can imply the further quality of your care and develop your practice brand.
  • Patient Education – Omedix offers patients an award-winning education library that can be branded to your practice and is automatically updated. It is also integrated with Healthwise, an award-winning collection of over 5,500 topics covering 40,000 pages on medical specialties, and Swarm Interactive, a library of nearly 500 animations covering numerous specialties.
  • Patient Check-In – Lastly, Omedix is currently developing software so that patients can also check-in through iPads. They are interested in building software with their customers and offer becoming a beta customer. Click here to request more information.

More about Omedix:
CEO: Josh Padnick
Telephone: 877-866-3349
Headquarters: 15849 N. 71st Street, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85254