Sneak Preview of Infusionsoft's New Headquarters in Chandler, Arizona

Tuesday, January 22, 2012 was Infusionsoft’s VIP sneak preview of their new headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. The new location is a large two-story industrial building with Infusionsoft’s logo color of lime green scattered throughout the space. It is very industrial looking with a large metal staircase and white metal railings surrounding the middle of the building. However, Infusionsoft has added their character to the space. In the middle of the floor is a large football field with their logo in the center. On a tour of the space I was informed that this football field was designed as a play area for employees to be able to blow-off steam in the middle of the day. In their previous location the field ended up being slowly covered by new employee desks and workspaces which resulted in employees losing their play space. Now, with this larger location there are many spaces scattered throughout the building where employees can relax including the football field, window seats, and various collaboration areas.
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Prior to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, CEO, Clate Mask, spoke about the new location and how Infusionsoft has grown over the years. He spoke about their humble beginnings in co-founder, Scott Martineau’s, spare bedroom and then their various locations throughout Arizona including a small warehouse and other small locations in Mesa and Gilbert. Now they are thrilled to be welcomed by the city of Chandler and to help Chandler’s and Arizona’s technology and software enterprises grow. In a private interview with Clate Mask, he explained to me that they have stayed in Arizona “because it is home.” Infusionsoft has a strong emphasis on family which is a large reason of remaining in Arizona as well as simply loving Arizona and wishing to demonstrate that Arizona can maintain a successful software company.
During my interview, he also explained Infusionsoft’s passion for small businesses. They work with small companies that employ two to twenty-five people and have over $100,000 in revenue. He simply stated that their passion for small businesses comes from understanding them. He says, “We were them.” He continued to explain that many other companies that claim to work with small businesses actually work with big small businesses and that Infusionsoft is dedicated to helping small businesses grow in their success because they are important to the economy and they simply “love them.” He also explained that as Infusionsoft has grown that they are determined to keep the culture of being a small business. They want customers to feel that they “get them” and that they “hire, train, and fire to our values, purpose, and mission.” Furthermore, many of Infusionsoft’s employees have previously owned a small business or have grown up in that culture. This helps the employees understand small businesses because they have lived that life and that there is “no substitute for doing it yourself.”
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Finally, Clate Mask spoke about Infusionsoft’s future goals. With their new location they hope to grow from the current 350 employees to 1,000 employees. He says that they are on track or ahead of this goal and hope to have reached this goal by the end of 2016. They also hope to reach 100,000 customers and two hundred million dollars in revenue. But most importantly, Infusionsoft hopes to create a solution that solves a problem for small businesses. They hope to help small businesses solve inefficiencies in the process of sales and marketing and to teach them how to solve these problems. Overall, Infusionsoft has high hopes and goals that can only be aided by their new location and mutual support of Arizona technology.

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