Vuurr Rolls Out New Service Called Connectalytics To Consolidate Online Ad Data

Things just got simpler for online advertisers and agencies. Vuurr, located out of Gangplank Chandler, has released this new service, Connectalytics. It allows you to send all of your campaign, keyword, ad, impression, and click data from your Bing Ads account, right to your Google Analytics account each night. For free…well sort of, up to 10,000 keywords worth anyway!
Launched on Monday of this week, Connectalytics will quickly show its value as users can review their entire set of data on one clean platform. It truly becomes a fully-automated process, and going forward there is no need for adjusted settings, or input of any other information.
To get started, all you need is a running Google Analytics account. Once you are logged in through Connectalytics, it will capture your Bing Ads account(s) information, and create a list where you can choose the content you wish to be pushed to Google Analytics. Using Google APIs, Connectalytics will refresh your dashboard every 24 hours, and properly format the data inputs, updating the accounts in Analytics. Simple, yet highly effective.
Now, Microsoft’s Bing Ads is the first to the party concerning this “data-push” compatibility, but both Facebook and LinkedIn have been reported as “in the development phase” for this feature, so Vuurr will keep you posted on when those feeds become available.
The partners at Vuurr were excited for Connectalytics’ launch, and really wanted to bring a value-added feature to the masses, so here is what they had to say:

“Connectalytics lets marketers do what they do best – many their campaigns…Having a complete picture of your online advertising will make strategy diagnosis faster, more accurate and easier across multiple sources.” – Chris Conrey

“Although Connectalytics provides a lot of value for people in our industry, we decided to offer it for free because we believe everyone should have access to the data they need to make informed marketing decisions.” – Scott Yacko

Anyone planning on setting up an account with Connectalytics? Tell us how it goes, below.

More About Vuurr / Connectalytics

Founded: 2011
Partners: Jonathan Kressaty, Chris Conrey, Chuck Reynolds, Scott Yacko
Twitter: @vuurr
Phone: (480) 525-8240
Address: Gangplank HQ
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