Mobile App Developers Poke Fun At Airport TSA With New Game For iPad

Taken a flight recently? If so, can you remember the extensive process it took getting through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) line? The process: make sure you don’t have any liquids over 3.4 ounces, make sure all liquids and gels are in a 1-quart clear zip-top bag, take your laptop, tablet, smartphone, keys, and coins out of your pockets and bag, take your shoes off, belt off, and any metal jewelry off, send your belongings through the scanner, walk under the overhead examination machine, and hope and pray you don’t get pulled to the side for the all too personal security pat down. I’m sure that sounds familiar. Some say it’s almost comical. Most say its the price we pay for safety.
Despite varying opinions, SGM Games, a mobile application development firm has entered the scene and created a TSA simulation game that will be sure to make you laugh. The name of the game: Checkpoint Madness HD. Available on the iPad, while playing Checkpoint Madness HD you will manage the high volume of airline travelers by redirecting each individual to their appropriate screening area, spotting terrorists, looking out for those with weapons, and listening up for the hilarious airport announcements (which are customizable too!).
As a joke, Gary and David Nunley (Founders of SGM Games) initially started selling “The Official TSA Groping Guide” t-shirts on their website, and sales went through the roof! With those sales results acting as “market testing”, both Gary and David knew the interest was out there to poke fun at the tedious TSA process. From that point on, the mobile application was in the works.
Gary (graduate of ASU Polytechnic) was able to receive assistance and mentorship through the ASU Skysong program at the onset of building SGM Games. Finances have come from personal funds, friends, and family, with no outside support to date. Looking to build this Arizona LLC, SGM Games has their sights set on taking down the #1 spot on the App Store, just like Arizona native Joe Overline with Dapper Gentlemen.
The mantra for SGM Games is, “If it’s funny, we’ll develop it.” Looking to transition gaming content away from violence and towards comedy, SGM Games has certainly mixed humor and a sensitive government issue with this one! Recipe for press.
Download Checkpoint Madness HD here:
More About SGM Games:
Founded: 2011
Number of Employees: 5 (and looking to add qualified app developer) Contact us if interested.
Founders: Gary & David Nunley
Twitter: @SGMGames

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  1. Hey Reido, great post!
    With everyone and their dog always “pushing the envelope” in the entertainment world – inflicting us with more blood & guts, more sex & violence, more demeaning language; it’s refreshing to hear about someone who’s pushing the envelope back! Humor is good!!
    ~ Doug

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