Local University Student Launches Useful Service to Conjoin With Social Media Site

What social media site has over 500 million active users, handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day, and is often called the “SMS of the Internet”? If you guessed Twitter, you’re right! So that means, if you guessed anything else . . . you’re wrong! Launched in July of 2006, Twitter has risen to be one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Generating over 340 million tweets per day, the little blue bird certainly demands respect as a social media “must-have” for business and personal use.
As you know, Twitter is used for a multiple of things. You can see what’s happening in the world, connect with organizations, talk with people, and even find out how our US Olympians are doing in London before the delayed coverage gets aired on NBC. Meanwhile, almost four thousand tweets are being posted each second!
Afraid you’ll miss any important content? Well, so did Jonathan Melo. Meet the Chandler resident, ASU student, and founder of Tweets by Email. Based on the name, Tweets by Email, I assume one of your first questions would be regarding email frequency. After registering your email address, do I get an email for every tweet on my feed? Absolutely not. Rather, you will get one email per day for every group you create on your Tweets by Email account.
For instance, you could create a group called “Tech News”. You can assign up to five Twitter accounts to the same group. So, under your “Tech News” group, you could place AZ Tech Beat, TechCrunch, Mashable, Techmeme, and Cult of Mac all together. Each day, you would receive just one email regarding this entire group labeled “Tech News”. Here is an example email:

Looking to unplug on the weekends? No worries. You can easily schedule which days you would like to receive emails.

Simple, effective, and highly user-friendly, Tweets by Email could be your answer for ensuring you don’t miss a beat (or a tweet for that matter), and helping you stay off Twitter during work hours because you know that “daily recap” email will be sitting in your inbox later that night!

4 thoughts on “Local University Student Launches Useful Service to Conjoin With Social Media Site”

  1. http://launchticker.com/
    They’re doing a similar service and currently are running it out of a Google Doc… I’d highly recommend signing up for it if you’re a tech news kind of person.
    I wonder what the business model is for a Tweets by Email service?
    Selling ads inside of an email is difficult and paying for twitter feeds as an email is not enough value. Any insights?

    • I think the revenue model for Tweets by Email is strip / banner ads in the email blasts, and (eventually) paid accounts for added features.
      Is the revenue source for LauchTicker strictly donation based?

      • For now it is.
        They’re trying to make it worth paying for, and just recently I’ve changed my mind from paying $0, to $1 for an entire year. The quality of stories and research keeps improving.
        I’m borderline willing to pay $10 a month for it. They provide much more depth than Tweets by Email… I’d never be willing to pay for aggregated tweets. Just not enough value for me.

        • If its so “amazing” why don’t they change their model? I don’t think donations (especially at $1 / year) will cover startup / operating costs.

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