Scottsdale-based Symmetry Software Takes the Nightmare out of Payroll and Taxes

The last thing on a business executive’s mind should be how to accurately pay their employees. Trying to crunch the numbers and use tiresome tax tables can be tedious and ineffective. Many different factors are involved including Federal and State tax, Social Security and Medicare taxes.
Symmetry Software was founded in 1984 by Tom Reahard to eliminate the tedious task of calculating a company’s payroll with the correct tax figures. Symmetry Software calculates employee’s paycheck while ensuring the precision of the company’s taxes, allowing the employees to monitor their paycheck themselves.
“Payroll withholding taxes are incredibly complex across the United States” Jon Bohnert, Executive Vice President, explains “and the best way to address the problem is with Symmetry Software.” Using their services can save companies and time-pressed executives the headache of computing payroll and taxes.
Symmetry Software is a successful and profitable business that uses the “freemium” business model by offering limited products for free and premium products at a low cost. Their free products are used throughout the web which generates traffic to their own website, which in turn helps them generate more revenue from their website’s advertisements.

Paycheckcity is a software tool that calculates an employee’s paycheck and also blends into the customer’s website seamlessly instead of taking them to a third party site. The product is fully integrated using the Symmetry Tax Engine, which provides tax calculations.
Originally started as a Macintosh software company, Symmetry Software has grown to multiple platforms including OS X, Windows, and Linus/Unix.
Traditionally, businesses waste an abundant amount of paper on W4’s; however, Symmetry Software offers a green solution, State W4, to file your taxes electronically, drastically reducing its carbon footprint. Overall, Symmetry Software provides a multitude of products to ensure that company tax and payroll processes run smoothly. Taxes are overwhelming with hunting down old documents and understanding confusing tax brackets, Symmetry Software is trying to solve the problem in a practical and intuitive manner.

More about Symmetry Software
Founded: 1984
Founder: Tom Reahard
# of employees: 15
Revenue: Not Disclosed
Funding: sales and ads
Twitter: @PaycheckCity
Phone: (480) 596-1500
Headquarters: 14350 North 87th Street, Suite 250, Scottsdale, AZ 85260