Hard Dollar Makes Sure You Don't Lose Unnecessary Cash During Construction

Real estate development is risky business. It certainly adopts the idea that, “it takes money to make money.” Whether it be the construction of a low-grade office building, or a master planned project for a mixed-use, high-density urban area (much like Kierland Commons or Scottsdale Quarter right here in AZ Tech Beat’s backyard), it takes much planning and coordination to make development successful.
Here are a few things that need to be organized for any project: Architectural design, structure of the deal, possible joint-venture partner, budget guidelines, estimation, schedule forecasting, real-time progress watch, financing arrangements . . . the list goes on and on.
However, one thing’s for sure. As time passes, costs increase. So, the two most important goals for any construction manager are bringing the project in on time, and on budget. Bonus points awarded for ahead of time or under budget!
The industry refers to this process of monitoring costs over time as Project Cost Management (PCM). How has this information been stored in the past? Spreadsheets. Yes, spreadsheets – those plain, boring, difficult to share files that are only accessible from the computer they were created on. Do you think that a more efficient tool could be used? Well, so did Hard Dollar. Meet the creators of the the #1 PCM cloud-based solution who just happen to be headquartered right here in Scottsdale as well!

Hard Dollar PCM Software Overview

Their PCM system centralizes cost and productivity by analysing these aspects of construction in real-time:

Due to this cloud-based alternative, Hard Dollar has eliminated the need for over 2.8 Billion spreadsheets (and counting) for its list collective users.


Just last week, Hard Dollar announced that their PCM system will be integrated into the ranges of services offered by CAE Mining. CAE Mining is in the business of developing industry leading technology and services to advance the efficiency and safety of mine operations. Here is a quote from Dylan Webb, the Director of Marketing and Product Strategy at CAE Mining just after striking the deal with Hard Dollar,

“With this integration, the financial implication of a design or scheduling change can now be instantly assessed. Other methods can take months to generate detailed and complex mining scenarios . . . Hard Dollar was clearly the right partner to help us achieve this ambitious goal. The decision to work with Hard Dollar was compelling, given that a number of our existing clients are already using the solution.”

Much like many other growing companies in the Valley, expansion means the need for more help! Hard Dollar is hiring, and is looking across a range of specializations; check it out.

More About Hard Dollar

Founded: 1989
Number of Employees: 51 – 200
President & CEO: Doug Nicholas
Website: www.harddollar.com
Twitter: @HardDollar
Blog: Hard Dollar Blog
Phone: 800.637.7496
Headquarters: 9977 North 90th Street, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85258