BrideRush: Helping Last-Minute Brides Create Their Special Day

We all know the joke — Bridezilla begins to appear soon after the marriage proposal and the more stress she takes on to plan her dream wedding, the more wild she gets. The truth is, every wedding is completely different. From the timeframe to the ceremony to the party, every wedding has its own identity. The biggest factor in most situations is the money.
Nowadays, most brides have found sites like Pinterest, a photo blogging website, and are able to create their own semi-unique, do-it-yourself wedding on a tight budget. But, what happens when there’s no time to address 200 envelopes and carve your own tree stump vases? BrideRush is there to support the blushing bride from her engagement to her wedding. In their unique business, BrideRush matches last-minute planning brides to vendors and locations based on their wedding date. It may seem simple to find everything you need on your perfect day-but even the most prepared bride still needs help. From their base in Scottsdale, this company helps happily ever after become a reality.
The Proposal:
Anita and James Miller had 10 weeks to plan their wedding. There was no time to waste digging through vendors and making useless calls to find what the couple needed. During their wedding search, Anita and James noticed that, quite often, vendors have last minute openings with huge discounts that were rarely advertised. This kicked off the idea for BrideRush. The site launched officially in January of 2012 with their unique concept of date-sensitive, last minute wedding planning.

The Inner Workings:
BrideRush is a one-of-a-kind service that compiles as many open services for brides as possible and list each of them by category and by open dates. Most of the services offered are last minute appointments that the vendors would prefer to discount than leave empty. All services offered on the website include discounts or packages of some sort to add to the appeal. Brides can then search however they would like and, when they find worthy deals, they can say “I do” and add to their cart.
If necessary, brides can also compare deals side by side to find the best value for every part of their special day. Equally, if the bride is unsatisfied with her findings, she can request custom deals to find a suitable option. Essentially, BrideRush allows brides to plan an entire wedding without the wild time commitment. It simplifies the grueling tasks of making meetings and appointments for those brides who simply have no time to waste. To add to their special features, BrideRush also features an instant messaging aspect that allows prospective buyers to ask detailed questions about products or services and receive an instant response.
It is a common misconception that weddings cannot be planned with limited time and money. For the busy bride, the budget bride, and the bustling bride — BrideRush is here to help.
More about BrideRush:
Founded: 2012
Number of Employees: 4.5
Funding: Seed Funding from a private investor
Founders: Anita and James Miller

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