Scottsdale-based Appointment-Plus Takes The Telephone Tag Out Of Scheduling Appointments

In a world where essentially anything can be purchased, booked, or viewed online, it can be an annoying process when you’re trying to schedule an appointment with a local business that doesn’t have similar online scheduling / purchasing capabilities that you may be used to. The company you’re trying to reach is only open between 9am – 5pm, and it just so happens that you work those same hours as well! Go figure. Leaving messages on voicemail is tedious, and many don’t get returned in time. As the business owner, scheduling can be a pain in the neck too. First, it takes up a tremendous amount of time, and any scheduling conflicts or appointment no-shows could translate into a significant loss of income. There must be a better way!
Meet Appointment-Plus. They are world leaders in online scheduling software and are located right here in our backyard. By completing taking the inconvenient barrier of scheduling out of the equation, Appointment-Plus has been driven to success and has booked over 85 million appointments through its service since company launch in 2001.
Let’s take a look at the service options and pricing:

So, for as low as $39 / month Appointment-Plus can essentially streamline a good portion of many business operations. They are more than just an online appointment scheduling company. Free features include appointment reminders to customers, credit card payments, CRM functions, plug-ins (Google Calendar, QuickBooks, etc), and more, while POS transactions, gift certificate abilities, and employee time clock services are available for an additional $10 each / month. Appointment-Plus can service companies ranging in size from startup to Fortune 500, and they already happen to work with many of the major players.
To continually show value to their users, Appointment-Plus has recently added an analytics dashboard to their range of features. Through this dashboard, clients can access information regarding sales information, cancelled appointments, number of appointments made by the service, number of appointments made by a staff member, and precisely track these statistics through a wide range of search parameters.
Additionally, Appointment-Plus is growing and is looking for some quality local talent. If you think you have what it takes, apply here – you just may be scheduled for an appointment!

More About Appointment-Plus

Founded: 2001
Number of Employees: 60+
Funding: “Bootstrapped” until they accepted funding from Greybull Stewardship in 2010
Founder: Bob La Loggia
Twitter: @AppointmentPlus
Blog: Bob on Business
Phone: 1-800-988-0061
Headquarters: 13951 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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  1. I currently use a combo of bookeo, tungle and zoho to accomplish what it seems like Appointment-Plus does with one solution. I’ll definitely be checking it out. Thanks for sharing!

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