Plexus Controls: Winner of Extreme Pitch 2012 Startup Event at Gangplank

Last night, Gangplank Chandler hosted a second annual Extreme Pitch Startup Event. It featured ten local companies that participated in their Roadmap to Launch program. The room was filled with local talent, a group of esteemed panelists, and delicious food compliments of Chow Locally. The event began with each presentor being given four minutes of stage time to pitch their startup. Live audience interaction was facilitated through Facebook, #ExtremePitch on Twitter, and a digital “Sucks” / “Rocks” meter via text message. After each company had a chance to present, the event took a 30-minute break to enjoy dinner, and give the panelists time to discuss the presentations. After the break, True Points, Plexus Controls, and Audio Excursions were announced as the three finalists.
The three finalists were then allotted  seven minutes each to respond to panelist and audience questions. During that time, clarification were made on each company’s product, mission, business plan execution, and monetization strategies. To formalize a winner, each audience member was given three tickets and instructed to cast their votes with the company or companies of their choice. After much excitement and anticipation, the votes were tallied, and Plexus Controls was announced the Extreme Pitch 2012 Winner!
Plexus Controls struggled through the presentation with cluttered slides and an unclear message, however, it was their marketability and previous sales that stood out in the end. Plexus Controls pitched on developing and manufacturing wireless devices to limit energy waste in residential and commercial buildings. In simple terms, they are looking to fully engineer a “smarthome” to manage energy efficiency. Their current product line consists of automated blind controls that regulate shade. They have sold around 200 units to date. As stated in their presentation, windows are to blame for up to 50% of Heat & A/C energy output. Beginning with shade control automation, they wish to emerge as a leading company with a full product line to perform complete residential and commercial energy management modifications.
As identified by a few of the panelists, Plexus Controls has a great opportunity in the current marketplace, a chance to catch the wave of energy efficient / eco-friendly initiatives, and will be looked at favorably from the eyes of potential investors.
Unfortunately, we could not locate a web site for Plexus Controls to link to for more information. Come on guys, my grandma has a web site!

7 thoughts on “Plexus Controls: Winner of Extreme Pitch 2012 Startup Event at Gangplank”

  1. Plexus Controls is the market leader using the ZigBee 2-way wireless telecommunications standard to communicate between automation systems and controllers for window shades. This technology will enable automated window shades to earn EnergyStar certification and LEED points. Soon Plexus will lead the market for controllers for water heaters, irrigation systems, pools, spas and other home and commercial appliances. This new technology approach will revolutionize home automation, making retrofitting existing homes affordable. The potential for commercial buildings is unlimited! Congratulations to Zoran Medic for a great vision and a great company!

  2. I have to say that even as a panelist, I was shocked that Plexus Controls made it to the top 3. The presentation was awful and at the end of it, I still had no idea what they did. However, after talking to the presenter and learning about the product and the fact that they had real paying customers, I can see why they were a top choice.

      • I was surprised the other panelist picked them, but it turned out, some of them had background information on that company and had seen the product. I was also surprised that the audience also picked them as the final winner. Shows you how little I know. 🙂

        • I’m glad that their product is good, but I’d be very wary of a company that showed up to an event dedicated to pitching products without a real pitch.
          Especially after said company had a rehearsal and during said rehearsal promised they’d spend “Monday and Tuesday night next week” working on their pitch.
          I know that companies can always hire PR people, but dammit, don’t say you’re going to do something and then not do it.

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