JumpBox Takes The Pain Out of Managing Open Source Software

We’ve come a long way since the days where it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to have a simple HTML website deployed. Nowadays we have access to hundreds of open source applications that allow for quick and agile site development. However, there are still some pain points with working with open source applications. Namely it can be painful to install your application and handle maintenance and patching. That’s exactly why JumpBox was founded in 2006 to provide easy installation and management of open source applications.
Founders Kimbro Staken and Sean Tierney developed a custom solution that provides a virtual machine ready to be used immediately after being deployed. JumpBox works on virtualization systems such as Parallels, Microsoft, VMWare, Xen Open Source, VirtualBox and Amazon EC2. They provide virtual machines with over fifty popular open source applications–including Joomla, Drupal, and Sugar CRM–which can be installed and running instantly with just a few mouse clicks.


JumpBox offers two different plans; the Silver and Gold plans. Both of these plans allow for unlimited deployments of over fifty applications. The deployments can be done on a physical on-site server or on a cloud server. The Silver plan is $60 per month and is targeted at small businesses that need to take the pain out of open source application management. The Gold plan is $150 per month and comes with additional priority support provided by JumpBox. The solutions Jumpbox provides are used by companies such as Nike, Motorola, and VMWare.

More About JumpBox

Founded: 2006
# of Employees: 5+
Revenues: Undisclosed
Founder: Kimbro Staken, Sean Tierney 
Website: www.jumpbox.com
Twitter: @jumpbox
Blog: JumpBox Blog
Phone #: 602-492-4218
Headquarters: P.O. Box 15265 Phoenix, AZ 85060