Co+Hoots Gives Phoenix Creative Professionals a Place to Call "Work"

Co+Hoots building
Over the last decade years, more and more professionals have been able to forgo the corporate office environment and work from anywhere with an Internet connection. But while working from home may sound like a dream come true, it often proves to be amotivational and, frankly… lonely.
Similarly, the “work from coffeehouse” model can be terribly distracting due to the cacophony of espresso machine sounds and noisy patrons. For these reasons, coworking spaces have been popping up all over the world, increasing by 400% in the last two years alone. Co+Hoots in downtown Phoenix has become one of the premiere venues for entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent contractors in the Valley to work in a cohabitational environment.

Inside Co+Hoots
Inside Co+Hoots

Founded in 2010 by Eeko Studio graphic designer Jenny Poon, Co+Hoots resides in an historic building that used to house one of the first downtown Phoenix grocery stores (JB Bayless). Today, the exposed brick walls, high ceilings, stained concrete floors and modern decor make the building among the hippest looking offices in town.
Whether you want a one-day working pass ($10) or unlimited access each month ($175), anyone can drop in to Co+Hoots; but that rate doesn’t just score you a desk, it also includes free wifi, copy machine and printer access, utilities, a bathroom and all the coffee/tea you desire. In order to host your business (with your own mailbox and everything) from Co+Hoots, however, you’ll have to apply for space so they can make sure you mesh well with the other companies.
Despite its numerous amenities, Co+Hoots’ most valuable asset may be its social setting and community aspect. With 16 companies ranging from UX design to web development to landscape architecture operating out of Co+Hoots, you’re guaranteed to meet some of the brightest, most creative minds in Phoenix.
The venue also hosts an array of events each month to being Phoenix’s digital professional community together.

More About Co+Hoots

Founded: 2010
# of Employees: 16+ businesses are currently operating out of Co+Hoots
Revenues: Undisclosed – Member-funded
Founder: Jenny Poon
Twitter: @cohootsphx
Headquarters: 825 N. 7th St. • Phoenix, AZ 85006 • USA

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    • Agreed! Not only is the website attractive, it’s also easy to navigate and filled with current, thorough information. That may not sound like much of a feat, but believe me, it IS. Whoever built it deserves a pat on the back (wink).

  1. What, no mention that they have NEVER CONSIDERED NOR WOULD EVER CONSIDER using public/taxpayer funds to grow or support their business?
    Swear that was a selling point for Co+Hoots.

  2. Thanks to AZ Tech Beat for informing more people about this great space.
    I’m a regular drop-in at CO+HOOTS and love working there. They’ve been extremely supportive and helpful as I’ve navigated the first few years of owning my own business.
    If you’re curious about what it’s like, drop-in sometime, or come to one of the events!

    • Thanks for sharing! We’re also very interested in learning more about people/businesses that drop in frequently but aren’t hosted at Co+Hoots (you guys are just slightly more elusive). I’ll definitely check out Flatterline though, and definitely hope to drop in to Co+Hoots sometime soon.

      • Definitely drop in sometime!
        There are quite a few companies and freelancers that frequent the Coffee and Code event on Wednesday and the Nightowls event on 2nd/4th Thursdays.

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