PITOOEY! Inc. names new Chief Development Strategist

PITOOEY!, a dynamic app development and social media firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Ferreira to its executive team, as Chief Development Strategist. Scott is a proven entrepreneur, app guru, and the founder of MySocialCloud.com, an innovative platform for storing confidential user information. At PITOOEY!, Ferreira’s initial focus will be to rapidly … Read more

PITOOEY! Inc. names new CEO

PITOOEY! Inc. announced that it has named Richard M. Hybner as their new CEO. As a rapidly expanding company, the announcement follows the recent acquisition of RAADR software for social media monitoring and the launch of their flagship product, the PITOOEY! app. Former CEO of PITOOEY!, Jacob DiMartino, will continue his duties as President and … Read more

PITOOEY! app to create a 1:1 connection between you and your pizza joint

The developers of the new app PITOOEY! want to simplify the noise of online deal search and focus on what you like, where you like to go or might consider patronizing in the future. PITOOEY! has developed an app that creates not only a personalized, fun, and efficient purchasing outlet for consumers, but a current, … Read more