PITOOEY! app to create a 1:1 connection between you and your pizza joint

The developers of the new app PITOOEY! want to simplify the noise of online deal search and focus on what you like, where you like to go or might consider patronizing in the future.
PITOOEY! has developed an app that creates not only a personalized, fun, and efficient purchasing outlet for consumers, but a current, direct marketing outlet for businesses. The app’s unique feature creates a two-way, intimate connection between consumers and the businesses they frequent. Other apps that provide a similar “deal offer” are Groupon and Foursquare, but they lack that 1:1 connection. Services we found on the app included everything from salons, car service, batting cages, horseback riding to pizza joints and gyms.

Screenshots of Homepage, Search using GPS/Map, My Wishlist, & Latest Deals Nearby

Users can create a favorite “My Wishlist” that targets their favorite places and businesses can send specials and updates through push notifications. A B2C offering can be anything from a 10% discount on a purchase of $50 or more, a notification that a particular band is playing at a local venue, or even a job posting; it all depends on what information the user wants.
CEO of PITOOEY!, Jacob DiMartino, commented, “We are extremely excited about the recent launch of the PITOOEY! app here locally in Arizona. The PITOOEY! app undeniably makes it super easy for consumers to get deals and offers or even information from the businesses that matter most to them, and at the same time it gives the businesses better targeted results, creating a win-win on both sides!”
Pitooey-1Features of the app:

  • Searchable categories: search by location and category for your favorite businesses and be alerted when a business has available specials
  • Global Positioning System (GPS): PITOOEY! knows your location and businesses near you
  • Connect with customers: Businesses can promote the app to new customers as well as engage with existing customers
  • A premiere mobile app: PITOOEY! is available on iOS and Android platforms

For business owners they only pay for messages they have requested, and there is a powerful backend control panel that the app offers. More importantly, that connection with their customer is key.
PITOOEY! has confirmed that businesses outside Arizona will be permitted with this nationwide launch of the app on the Apple iOS and Android platforms.
Start building your list and receive deals by downloading the app on iOS download here or Android download here
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