Roy Sekoff – HuffPost Live – boost engagement with meaningful content

Roy Sekoff, President and co-creator of HuffPostLive, kicked off day two of Digital Summit Phoenix #DSP14 with a vibrant and engaging talk about online videos, social engagement, and how they work together. Sekoff toyed with the idea that television will succumb to the online video market, stating that over 5 million people have cut their cable … Read more

C.C. Chapman: why content creation matters – Digital Summit Phoenix

C.C. Chapman, co-author of the International bestselling business book “Content Rules,” kicked off the inaugural Digital Summit Phoenix with a keynote that emphasized the importance of content, how to relate it to your audience and finding the beauty in the content-whether it be in your words or photos or a combination. As part of understanding … Read more

Digital Summit Phoenix kicks off March 31-April 1

Digital Summit Phoenix is a two day premier digital strategies forum and thought leadership event with a goal of educating and promoting forward thinking on topics related to Internet business and marketing that is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center, March 31- April 1. The Summit also offers attendees hours of peer networking, open bars, good … Read more