C.C. Chapman: why content creation matters – Digital Summit Phoenix

C.C. Chapman, co-author of the International bestselling business book “Content Rules,” kicked off the inaugural Digital Summit Phoenix with a keynote that emphasized the importance of content, how to relate it to your audience and finding the beauty in the content-whether it be in your words or photos or a combination.
As part of understanding your target audience, Chapman advised that it’s important to build your audience in a secure space and it starts with the company website or “homebase.” More often than not, companies are directing customers to find their products through “rented land” like social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn-unfortunately these sites might end up costing companies more than simply producing content in-house.
Chapman stressed that the best way to engage a customer is to keep them coming back for more information-which means generating new and engaging topics. He recognized that new headlines aren’t easy to come by, but in order to sustain engagement, a company must stray away from rookie content tactics such as cliché phrasing.
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Chapman’s concise advice was short, but definitely sweet. He stressed “don’t be lazy, be smart, remember who you are, and most importantly have fun,” while creating content.
Chapman also gave extra shout-outs to a few authors and cartoonists (Austin Kelone and Tom Fishburne), encouraging content generators to get creative and add flavor…and maybe a cartoon into the mix.
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