YotaCast Connects Companies and YouTubers

Since we last checked in with YotaCast, they have made great strides in launching their product to help connect YouTubers with major companies and forming partnerships. Described as the “LinkedIn for the YouTube community,” companies can create a profile, and list the types of YouTubers they wish to connect with. On the other side, the … Read more

SocialWhirled ends stealth mode, introduces social campaigns

After being in stealth mode for two years, SocialWhirled is coming out of its cocoon to introduce its social media promotional platform to a wider consumer base. SocialWhirled is looking to streamline online social campaigns for companies’ products. This could include having SocialWhirled maintain a company’s social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, … Read more

Valley Startup, YotaCast, Hopes To Be The Online Meeting Place for “YouTubers” and Major Brands

Jordan Armstrong, CEO / Founder of YotaCast has left a past in Los Angeles, and has now settled down in Scottsdale for the long term. While in LA, Jordan consulted for a major brand, BeautyChoice.com, and started his own business, Red5. Both initiatives involved YouTube marketing, and they taught Jordan how to fully utilize the … Read more