YotaCast Connects Companies and YouTubers

Yotacast Image Final 2
Since we last checked in with YotaCast, they have made great strides in launching their product to help connect YouTubers with major companies and forming partnerships.
Described as the “LinkedIn for the YouTube community,” companies can create a profile, and list the types of YouTubers they wish to connect with. On the other side, the YouTuber establishes a profile as an outlet to connect with the company if their channel fits the desired criteria. Companies can also search by location, demographics, statistics and categories to find the right fit.
Through these partnerships, companies have the ability to embed their brand into the video instead of paying for ads prior to the video–which may or may not have a good response.
CEO and Founder, Jordan Armstrong explains that YouTubers benefit from this relationship because they have a “platform to showcase their talent, embrace their hobby, and welcome the idea of producing video content as a profession.”
Armstrong says that they have added new team members, built a new web application with improved technology, security, and scalability, and secured seed capital to support their growth.
YotaCast has also been working with twenty-five companies on a regular basis who have commented on their enjoyment the site because of “time, money, and effectiveness—plus the benefits of having a ‘pool’ of talent to build connections and create opportunities.”
YotaCast has continued to work on its product and site since our last checkup, but has delayed its initial launch in order to ensure that its product and site serves the needs of companies and YouTubers.
During this extra time they have been developing their brand and alpha testing with companies and YouTubers. They hope to start beta testing later this year with additional features such as new UI/UX design and more powerful tools.
“The potential is unheard of,” Armstrong states. He explains that the key to his success is to be “focused on a niche problem and solving it the best. There’s no arguing that brands and YouTubers both use YouTube for their business. They also need each other for YouTube to continue to be successful.”
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