KOAM opens facility in Phoenix, first on West Coast


KOAM, a total logistics solution company for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), opened its Phoenix facility this week, the company’s first on the West Coast.

The company’s relationship with Lucid Motors and the expansion of other EV companies to the Phoenix area, like Nikola, ElectraMeccanica and Atlis, made Phoenix the ideal location for KOAM.

“KOAM brings not only seasoned experience, but also innovative solutions in automotive packaging and material handling, as well as logistics to the new EV industry in the greater Phoenix area,” said Tae Kim, the vice president of KOAM, in a statement. “We believe the EV industry here will be a major part of the already growing Phoenix economy and we are here to be part of this historical growth.”

“KOAM is here to provide the new EV companies premier products and services in all three business areas: automotive packaging, material handling and logistics to ensure their success here in greater Phoenix,” Kim continued. 

The veteran- and minority-owned company now operates a 20,000 square foot warehouse in the Warehouse District in Phoenix. 

KOAM is looking to bring about 50 jobs to Phoenix over the next three years, using the talent base here to make hires throughout growth stages. 

The company has five locations, including headquarters, in Alabama, with another location in Georgia. 

In a statement, KOAM said its expansion to Phoenix is due to the exponential growth in the EV sector. The Greater Phoenix Economic Council insights show that the U.S. is expected to hold 14% of the global market share of electric vehicles by 2030, and greater Phoenix is poised to be at the center of this evolution.