Major Edtech company Transact Campus appoints new CEO

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Transact Campus Inc.

Transact Campus, Inc. (Transact), an edtech company that enables educational institutions to offer user-friendly payment transactions connected across an entire campus, has announced the appointment of Nancy Langer as the company’s new CEO. 

As CEO, Langer will oversee Transact’s campus commerce technology, as well as the company’s huge ecosystem of integrated payments and ID solutions. She looks forward to leading the company at what she calls a “pivotal time” full of “tremendous” opportunities as it moves toward becoming a mobile-first platform for student payments and other financial transactions. As of now, the company has processed 43 million credential transactions since the launch of its mobile program.   

“The value Transact brings to universities and the overall student experience will only be amplified as we step into our next phase of excellence,” Langer said in a statement. “By providing low-friction, high-volume mobile transactions, Transact is destined to become a larger and more integrated part of the university ecosystem.”

Phoenix-based Transact isn’t new by any means. The company has been in the higher education space since 1984. Transact serves 12 million students and faculty a year across 1,300 each year. The Transact platform enables more than $45 billion in tuition and non-tuition payments annually. 

The company employs almost 400 people and its estimated annual revenue is currently $56.1M per year. 

New Transact Campus CEO
New Transact Campus CEO
Nancy Langer

Langer comes to Transact after a long career as a leader at several fintech companies, specifically those in digital banking and online bill-pay. She spearheaded major projects at these companies, including launching the digital banking and electronic bill payment business at Metavante Corporation and overseeing all aspects of the property tax payment business at CoreLogic

Langer has won several awards, including Female Executive of the Year for companies greater than 2,500 employees 2016. 

Langer succeeds David Marr, who led the company for several years. Marr will take an advisory role as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. He expressed his approval of the new CEO. 

“Nancy’s timing is perfect for Transact,” Marr said in a statement. “Under Nancy’s stewardship, I am confident Transact will continue to empower our clients in making a meaningful difference in the lives of the students.”