GoDaddy moves headquarters to Tempe


GoDaddy is in the process of moving into a new headquarters at Arizona State University Research Park in Tempe. 

In April, the company began consolidating local employees into the Tempe campus, as well as a new office in Gilbert.

The move is not a downsize of the company or a reduction in employees. Instead, the consolidation is in anticipation of a hybrid work model continuing into the future.

GoDaddy said it’s moving to a “Hub-Club-Home” model, where some employees work full-time in an office (Hub), some work part of the week in an office (Club), and others work exclusively from home.

Calvin Crowder, GoDaddy’s Vice President of Global Real Estate, said the company is proud of its strong presence in Arizona and investment in its employees and workplaces.

“We are moving into a new era of work, as people generally desire more work flexibility,” Crowder said in a statement. “As part of our new, hybrid work model, we understand our offices will be used less, but with more intentionality — to meet, collaborate and connect with one another. The office will continue to be an essential place for our people to come together.”

GoDaddy plans to reopen its offices later this year, beginning on a voluntary basis.