AZ Tech Podcast Episode 9: Romi Dhillon, CEO & Co-Founder, Sonoran Founders Fund

Ruminder (Romi) Dhillon believes in Arizona’s potential to produce startups that can deliver what he calls “Bay-area results.” In fact, that belief is the foundation of Romi’s mission at Sonoran Founders Fund.

As co-founder and CEO of Sonoran Founders Fund, Romi is responsible for not only finding the next big venture, but also constantly evangelizing the Arizona startup community to investors across the state to convince them to write a check. He raised nearly $4 million for his first raise in Arizona and has been investing that money in the AZ tech startup community. 

Before co-founding Sonoran Founders Fund (previously Arizona Founders Fund), Romi worked as a Principal in the Office of the CFO of Keap, which was Infusionsoft at the time. Romi came down to the warm weather from Utah, where he was an investor vSpring Capital & Kickstart Seed Fund. He made more than 70 Seed and Early Stage investments and managed over $350 million in capital commitments. 

One of the most important questions he asks himself when analyzing a potential investment is, “Is there a chance to be a disruption here?” 

In this episode, Romi talks to Hamid about his passion for supporting Arizona startups, the national debt and how Romi’s childhood prepared him for his career so many years later.

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