Hownd acquires Australian Mesh Wifi platform

Hownd, a tech startup based out of Tempe, announced today it will acquire PoweredLocal, a mesh WiFi platform based out of Australia. 

Hownd is designed to help brick and mortar businesses get more foot traffic by delivering promotional offers to existing and nearby customers through various channels, including the merchant’s social media, website and email. The platform also delivers promos via channels specific to Hownd, like the MyHownd app, MyHownd Screens and the MyHownd WiFi service. Hownd merchants only pay for results. The idea is to minimize spending on marketing tactics that are hard to measure.

PoweredLocal provides mesh WiFi solutions that convert real-world visitors into digital profiles with contact information, which will help merchants connect with their customers and ultimately improve customer loyalty. 

The acquisition has potential to help grow Hownd on a larger scale. According to the press release, the move “adds new capabilities to the Hownd platform, increases the company’s customer base of local merchants and accelerates its expansion into markets around the world.” The announcement also notes that the acquisition adds more than 1,500 local merchants to the Hownd platform, which brings the company’s customer base to around 4,000 businesses across the globe.

The PoweredLocal team will become Hownd Australia and the company’s mesh WiFi system will be rebranded as MyHound WiFi. But what does that look like?

Businesses that have MyHound WiFi will provide visitors with free and secure WiFi in exchange for their contact information. The hope is that these businesses will see an increase in foot traffic and repeat customers as they send out special and bounceback offers based on the customer’s information. 

Both companies expressed enthusiasm for the new chapter. Brandon Willey, CEO of Hownd, says “it was love at first sight for Hownd and PoweredLocal,” while Gary Tramer, Co-Found of PoweredLocal, called the combo a “natural fit.”

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