AZ-based eye-tracking software empowers handicapped individuals – CES 2016

Last year at CES we reported on Arizona-based EyeTech Digital Systems and their groundbreaking eye-tracking technology. Eye-tracking tech is steadily maneuvering its way into several aspects of technology like television, cars, and gaming. This year, EyeTech is back with even more partner solutions!
As we approached their booth we noticed a vacant wheelchair with a Surface Pro 4 mounted from the left arm of the chair. You guessed it! EyeTech along with Forbes Rehab Services has developed a smart wheelchair to give handicapped individuals more independence to roam, interact and live out their daily lives using only their eyes.
Paralyzed individuals now have the freedom to open doors, turn on and off lights, and interact with friends and family with a phone call or Skype call. EyeTech disclosed that they hope to launch a fully functional wheelchair that operates and navigates its surroundings using their software next year at CES.
Alongside the folks at EyeTech’s booth was another new collaborator, Quantum Interface. The Texas-based company utilizes EyeTech’s eye-tracking software for their prototype automobile heads-up display. Combining motion and sensor, the goal is to allow a driver to select a direction in which they want to travel with their eyes then look back at the road ahead of them. The action isn’t activated until the driver gestures on the steering wheel, thus diminishing levels of distraction.
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  1. Great to see you Ryan at CES last week. Eye tracking is really starting to take off with new licensing partners coming through every week! Exciting to see the touch-free revolution begin!

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