Track your baby's food, sleep and dirty diapers – CES 2016

Now more than ever, technology companies are putting more thought into the little bambinos and helping parents keep tabs on their baby’s health, sleep, learning, even dirty diapers. At CES 2016, the baby tech sector had many new startups.
Hatch Babyhatch baby-1
Hatch Baby is a smart changing pad that tracks everything from your baby’s growth, wet or dry diapers, and sleep via a mobile app. One of the coolest features of Hatch Baby is the ability to weigh your baby before and after breastfeeding.
hatch baby-2
The product also aims to help decrease breastfeeding anxiety, the need for lactation consultants, or supplementing formula as the platform allows a mother to determine how many ounces of breast milk their baby actually consumes during a feeding so to not overfeed or underfeed the infant. You can buy Hatch Baby now on their website for $199.00 with a shipping date of January 15.
project nursery-1
Project Nursery
Baby monitors have been around for decades, but nothing has ever been on the market quite like Project Nursery’s smart baby monitor system. Project Nursery teamed up with Box International and developed an all-in-one monitoring system equipped with a camera, a 5-inch parent station screen, and the innovative mini monitor.
project nursery-2
The mini monitor resembles a smartwatch or wearable, has an 800 ft. range and can also attach to your jeans for easy on-the-go movement. Parents have the ability to do the laundry or play with the older kids outside while keeping track of the baby from the wrist. Most importantly, the Project Nursery baby monitoring system works on a closed network, no WiFi and no connections. This ensures that you are the only one monitoring your infant. The all-in-one system goes to market in June with a retail price of $299.00.
A baby’s mind is like a sponge and as it soaks up everything in the first few years of life. Learning words and phrases is important to an infant’s brain development, which inspired tech company VersaMe to create Starling, the world’s first word-tracking monitor that looks like a star and can attach to a baby with safe magnets, a safe clip or – for those who don’t fancy attaching anything to their baby – a stroller loop.
The Starling counts the number of words a baby hears on any given day and pairs with an accompanying mobile app. The app provides parents with feedback to encourage more language and engagement with their little one. The cute device sets a word target for the day and prompts the parent via their smartphone to read one extra book at night to achieve their word goal. Starling is pre-selling at $169.00 and ships in April. Retail price is $249.00.
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