Google's Project Sunroof launches in Arizona

The Phoenix Metropolitan area averages 211 clear days and 85 partly cloudy days each year according to, making our sunny state a perfect candidate for Google’s Project Sunroof.  
Project Sunroof is a solar power initiative and an online source for households interested in utilizing solar energy to power their homes and cut electricity costs. Project Sunroof is piloting the program in Arizona and eight other states; California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and North Carolina.

google project sunroof
Courtesy Google Project Sunroof

Google engineer and creator of Project Sunroof, Carl Elkin, states in his blog post, Project Sunroof: mapping the planet’s solar energy potential, one rooftop at a time, that many people are missing out on the opportunity to save money and be green.


The online tool utilizes high-resolution aerial mapping (the same used by Google Earth) to help you determine your roof’s solar energy potential. Arizona residents can simply enter their home address and let the Project Sunroof website do the rest.
First, it figures out how much sunlight hits your rooftop throughout the year; it takes into account factors like roof orientation, shade from trees and nearby buildings, and local weather patterns. You can then enter your typical monthly electric bill amount to further customize the results. Lastly, Project Sunroof combines all this information to estimate how beneficial solar panels could be for your home and even connects you with local solar providers.
Interested in outfitting your rooftop with solar panels? Join the sunny movement and find out if your house is solar panel eligible.
Contributions and screenshots from Google, azcentral

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  1. These is a great guide if you want to put a solar power in your rooftops.It has the data that calculate the amount of light you can have and a mark place on which part of your roof where to put a solar panel for a good collection of sunlight.

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